Icons by Sam Beautiful, Functional Icons by Sam Hewitt

Sam's Design Ethos

I believe that good icons should be beautiful, simple and functional.

Care should be taken to refine even the smallest details that compose an icon and any superfluous elements should be omitted. If an icon is meaningful and well-crafted, it need not be frequently redesigned nor deviate from familiar metaphors.


As a proponent of the use of Linux & free software and a believer in the open source model of development, my design toolkit is comprised almost entirely of free & open source software, primarily Inkscape and the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

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Hire Sam for Your Project

If you'd like to hire or commission icons for your project, don't hesitate to get in touch. Be as brief or descriptive of your needs as you’d like, but keep in mind that the more information I have, the better of a job I can by do.